Residential care home Klosterhoaf, Arcen
Air conditioning

Since March 2020, beautiful Arcen has had the small-scale residential care home Klosterhoaf in the middle of the village. Kusters THO, in collaboration with installation company G. Sars, has delivered a suitable package of air conditioning for all living and accommodation areas in the care home.

The installer supplied 5 Gree Free Match multisplit systems in combination with Fairy wall models for the living areas and cassette models for the communal areas. The ideal Gree central controller controls all air conditioners via a touchscreen interface. In this way, the Klosterhoaf nursing home offers its clients a perfect living environment.

Would you like to know more about the Gree Free Match system and its internal parts? Then take a look at our product leaflets Free Match and Fairy or take contact on with our account manager.


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