Kusters Technische Handelsonderneming: a reliable partner
Controlled growth on all fronts!

Kusters Technical Trading Company: A household name in the region and far beyond. Whether it's air treatment, cooling or heating... years of expertise combined with excellent cooperation with renowned manufacturers such as Gree, ApenGroup, Templari, GoGaS and AAVI® have led to a successful business that has enjoyed steady growth for years.

Sjors Hendriks, Sales Service Support at Kusters Technische Handelsonderneming

Steady? Frank Janssen, account manager: "Yes, but first and foremost it is controlled growth. Expansion, new products, more people ... all fine, but stay on track. In order to be able to continue to provide the quality that our customers have come to expect from us, as well as providing good service and reliability.

Well done.
The regulations are constantly changing. Let's take a current example: the ErP (Energy Related Products), which will be tightened again in 2021. In a nutshell, the aim of this directive is to ensure that products/appliances work more efficiently and have less and less impact on the environment. Higher efficiency, less emission of nitrogen oxides ... these are familiar things that come up in this story. ErP applies, among other things, to gas-fired unit heaters, one of the many products offered by Kusters. Sjors Hendriks, Sales Service Support: "With these devices, the so-called seasonal efficiency, a method to indicate the efficiency, is considered. In 2018, the seasonal efficiency had to be 72% and for 2021 it will be 78%. The maximum emission of nitrogen has also been tightened. From 100 mg/kWh to 70 mg/kWh. These are just examples, but they do illustrate that a lot needs to be done. Fortunately, our manufacturers are leading the way and many of them were already where they should be next year with their products/devices in 2018. So they are well on their way. Not just looking ahead, but acting on it."

"Kusters THO, based in Venlo, has recently acquired a brand new showroom including a room where training sessions will be held."

The ErP plays an important role in various other fields. Also when it comes to air conditioners and heat pumps, to name but a few. Sjors Hendriks: "Kusters has an enormously wide range of products to which new products are still being added. We are good at responding to market demands in a timely manner. For example, we recently acquired the importership of AAVI. AAVI, a Finnish company, specialises in cleaning technology which kills bacteria and viruses. Developed for the purification of the indoor climate. For us a welcome addition. An additional partner with whom we can move forward again for years."

Kusters THO, based in Venlo, has recently acquired a brand-new showroom including a room where training sessions will be held. (From the moment that the corona measures allow, of course). Talking about energy transition, gasless is the motto. But completely gasless? Sjors Hendriks: "Of course there are possibilities and it's great that it's happening, but the reality is that gasless is not always profitable. What about poorly insulated business premises and sports halls? Sometimes a hybrid solution offers solace, sometimes not and then it is good to know that Kusters remains a reliable partner, also for industrial gas-fired installations. Gas fired or gas free? We always have a solution. Thinking in solutions also means combining two or three technologies. "Take the Aquapomp Hybrid from the ApenGroup. It's a combination of an air-water heat pump and a gas-fired central heating boiler. The hybrid system ensures that the components work together to heat the home and produce domestic water. An excellent choice for heating and cooling homes.

"Gas-fired or gasless? We always have a solution."