Heat pumps

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Gree Versati

Our Gree Versati air-water heat pump is suitable for heating and cooling homes or offices and can also prepare domestic hot water.

The Versati is available in a split or monoblock version and can be used both hybrid and all-electric. The unique patented Gree two-stage compressor and state-of-the-art inverter technology ensures high energy performance.

Templari Kita

The Templari Kita S and Kita Mi air-to-water heat pump models, available in monoblock and split versions, are compact and therefore extremely suitable for applications in medium to large commercial spaces.

The Kita HR and Kita L heat pumps with air-water technology, available in monoblock and split versions, are particularly suitable for large industrial spaces.

The Kita Air is an air-to-air heat pump and is available in a split version.

ApenGroup Aquapump Hybrid

The AquaPump Hybrid is a combination of an air-water heat pump and a gas-fired boiler. The hybrid system ensures that both components work together to heat the home and produce domestic hot water.

The efficient and compact AquaPump Hybrid, with its inverter technology and a new generation of compressors and fans, is an excellent choice for heating and cooling homes.


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