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Our range for a clean and comfortable indoor climate

You want a comfortable indoor climate? Our Gree air conditioning range always offers a suitable solution.

Our residential air conditioning range consists of air conditioning for residential applications, either as a wall-mounted model or as a console model. The modern and energy efficient Gree wall mounted models Fairy and U-Crown offer top efficiency. The flexible Gree console model can be installed on the floor, on the wall or recessed. For the recreational user, the Gree Shark is a compact and stylish air conditioning system that quickly cools or heats motorhomes or caravans. We also have various Gree mobile air conditioners in our range for mobile use.

Within our commercial range we offer multisplit and monosplit systems for use in for example shops, restaurants or offices. The Gree Free Match multisplit system can be combined with 6 types of energy efficient internal parts and offers endless possibilities to make your working climate more pleasant. The Gree Satellite monosplit system is extremely suitable for practice rooms, hotel rooms or catering establishments. The cabinet model T-Fresh is a compact and free-standing split-unit model with inverter technology for a surprisingly high efficiency.

Our Utility range includes the energy efficient and silent Gree Multi Variable (GMV) VRF systems. GMV systems are external parts to which up to 13 internal parts (GMV5 Mini / Slim), up to 80 internal parts (GMV5HR) or even 100 internal parts (GMV6) can be connected. The GMV5 Mini / Slim and GMV5HR can both cool and heat with reuse of the heat generated by the system. The latest GMV6 can cool or heat and can be expanded with a Smart Zone Controller.


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