Van Hecke Houben Notaries, Heythuysen
Air conditioning

Notary firm Van Hecke Houben in Heythuysen opted for Gree Super Free Match air conditioning in 2019. The Gree Super Free Match system with refrigerant R32 in combination with one or more of the 6 possible internal parts offers endless possibilities to make the working climate more pleasant.

Houwen Elektro- & Installatietechniek took care of the installation and combined in this notary's office the Gree Super Free Match with 8 Fairy interior models. Gree air conditioning ensures a pleasant working climate and stimulates productivity. Would you also like to have a pleasant working climate in your office and learn more about our Gree Free Match air conditioning system or the Fairy indoor part?

Then read our extensive Free Match and Fairy product leaflets or take contact on with our account manager.


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