Kusters THO presents new range of air purification solutions

"The need for clean air remains"

Kusters THO from Venlo has been an expert in the field of cooling and heating air for decades. Since this year, the importer of top brands has expanded its range with various facilities for air cleaning in offices, waiting rooms and other locations. "We have the safest and cleanest showroom in the Netherlands", says key account manager Xander Wiardi.

Kusters THO started out in 1911 as a traditional forge and over the past few decades has developed an unerring antenna for the changing demands of the market. In the 1920s, for example, founder Handerie Kusters introduced a heated greenhouse for the production of agricultural crops under glass. In 1975, the company started selling air conditioning, with new models that could also heat in the 1990s. In the year 2020, Kusters THO is and remains the specialist in the field of cooling and heating air, for which the company works together with various renowned partners and a network of dealers and installers. "In doing so, we pay very close attention to sustainability," says Xander Wiardi. "The green element in our logo stands for responsible business for good reason. Quality is also very important to us. We have various certificates and are members of various professional associations."

In order to meet the growing demand for air purification solutions, Kusters THO has set up a brand new showroom. Here, clients can see and try out the various options for themselves. "We have the safest and cleanest showroom of the Netherlands," says Xander. "Here we have several products and customers can choose from three different techniques to purify the air in their office or waiting room. The latest and leading technology comes from our new Finnish supplier AAVI® Technologies. Their patented air purification technology works on the basis of ion technology (see box 1), but with this brand the ion particles remain in the device. The air drawn in, containing pollen, mould, bacteria, viruses and chemicals, is purified for 99% and the charged particles remain stuck to the wall of the unit. Cleaning is very easy. Depending on the room and the number of people present, every few weeks you fill a special tank with water and detergent and turn on the rinse program. The residue is harmless to the environment and is collected in the same tank that you can then simply rinse away."

According to Xander, the technology of AAVI® has even more advantages. "The models consume little energy, are low maintenance and make relatively little noise. In addition, the research report from VVT (official research institute of Finland, ed.) has shown that the AAVI® devices kill bacteria and viruses. If you consider that after the corona crisis we will probably have to deal with new viruses, you are well prepared with this technology."

Two models
AAVI® now has two models. "The AAVI® Leaf is a standalone unit for areas up to 64 m2. Think of offices, waiting rooms, hairdressers or cafes. It is a small and compact unit with a beautiful design that can be placed in sight without problems. The AAVI® Tuuli 600 you put in rooms up to 250 m2 and besides cleaning the air the Tuuli also refreshes up to 600 cubic meters of air per hour and the indoor air is extracted through a heat exchanger." This is perfect for a large space and/or multiple rooms such as schools with several classrooms. If desired, the system can be connected to the existing ventilation system. Even for even larger areas such as hospitals and office complexes that already have an extensive ventilation system, the technology can be integratedgreerd. To this end, Kusters THO works together with parties that specialise in installation technology (see box).

Filters and uv-light
Those who prefer a traditional system can opt for the air conditioning and air treatment systems of permanent partner Gree Electric Appliances. With 90,000 employees (including 16,000 R&D), this Chinese company is the largest international manufacturer of high-quality air conditioning, heat pump and air treatment systems. "These systems work with the familiar filter cartridges that you have to replace regularly. Through Gree, we currently supply two different models for small and large spaces."
A third option for good air cleaning is the use of UV light. "GoGaS is our regular supplier for, among other things, gas radiators that are used in the Johan Crijff Arena and Covebo Stadion De Koel -. They now also have a device that cleans the air using artificial UV-C radiation. The bacteria and viruses are killed by the UV-C light, after which the device feeds the cleaned air back into the room. During the production process, GoGaS pays a great deal of attention to energy efficiency and reducing CO² emissions. This fits in perfectly with our company philosophy."

Clean air
In the field of air purification, there is quite a bit of choice. Xander: "We always look at what the customer has in house, what is needed and which products in the showroom fit that best. What we notice is that entrepreneurs like to keep their business open and want to offer their staff and customers something extra. They need clean air and that need will not disappear after the corona crisis. Everyone is looking for a suitable solution. The chances are very good that you will find it in our showroom."

Cooperation with installation companies
The products such as the AAVI® Leaf and Tuuli are easy to connect by the mechanics of Kusters THO, "but it's a different story when there is a need for larger units or when our systems need to be integreerd", says Xander Wiardi. "Then we like to work together with installation companies who have all the expertise for that. We are therefore happy to get in touch with parties who want to work with us for these more complex and challenging jobs."

Unique IonJet Technology without filters
During the ionization process, negative ions are generated under high voltage creating a strong ion field and ionic current. The ions attach themselves to the polluting particles and the ion flow blows the particles against the inner wall of the IonJet chamber where they are retained. In addition, the ions attack the cell walls and nuclei causing viruses and bacteria to die. The cleaned air free of contaminants, bacteria and viruses is then returned to the room by the air purifier. The integrated self-cleaning system rinses the inner wall clean and the contamination is collected in a separate tank.