Bob de Jong of InstallatieTotaal interviewed Frank Janssen and Xander Wiardi about the special product combination within one project: Gree, ApenGroup and Templari.

New construction of CHP (automotive) with air conditioners, air heaters and heat pumps

One project involves air conditioning from Gree with a VRF system, another involves heat pumps from Templari, and yet another involves air heaters from ApenGroup. For Kusters Technische Handelsonderneming, this is everyday business. But sometimes there is a project where products and/or installations of all these top brands are supplied for one building.

This prestigious project is being carried out with two installation partners from the region. And that can be called quite special. In this case it is about the new halls (two of 100 x 50 m) of
WKK GmbH, an automotive company based in Nettetal, just across the border from Venlo. Xander Wiardi, General Manager at Kusters THO for a year and a half, is enthusiastic. And not without reason.

On the right track
"We've done business with this client before and it's nice when you come back into the picture for a project like this. In general, that also suits Kusters THO, clients who keep coming back. That shows appreciation. The nice and special thing about this project is that we were allowed to deliver products from our three top brands. That doesn't happen very often. This is a great opportunity for us.
reference project where we will have a look in the future with a customer." The air conditioners (up to 85 kW) and the VRF system, are from GREE, a world player in this field. Then two Templari heat pumps (up to 80 kW) with a 1,000-liter collection buffer tank and four air heaters with modulating premix burners (up to 75 kW) from ApenGroup. Two heaters are installed per hall. One hall is used for storage, the second also contains offices. Xander Wiardi: "We are proud and happy that we, of course together with other parties, were able to do this. Everything comes together nicely here. It also proves that we as KustersTHO are on the right track, we have mapped out a route that works and that is increasingly bearing fruit. The core of our DNA is 'Joint success starts with effort'. If you see that in your partners as well and you combine that with decisiveness, loyalty, expertise and stability ... then you have a solid foundation on which to build further."


Frank Janssen, account manager at KustersTHO, adds: "It is very important to keep both feet on the ground. Step by step, so that you can continue to distinguish yourself. The customer comes first, with the remark that every customer is one. Small, large ... by making no distinction in that area, you make the difference. Sound and realistic advice, on-time delivery of ordered items and making sure you have your after-sales in order are of vital importance within an organization. And it goes without saying that you need to have employees with sufficient expertise in house." Xander Wiardi: "If a customer comes with a question you can't answer, be transparent about it. And this connection is very important in my opinion: let everyone do what they're good at; that's what benefits everyone."

Finally, a personal note from Xander Wiardi, with a broad smile: "I am glad I made the switch. Kusters THO is a beautiful company with a lot of potential, but even more important to me is the enormous drive and passion of the people who work here. That is very contagious."