Lieke van Zuilekom interviewed our General Manager Xander Wiardi for the 2021-2022 Yearbook of Installation & Construction


No less than one in three of the air conditioning systems in use worldwide comes from the same supplier: the Chinese Gree. Although Gree has no less than 300 million users worldwide, the brand is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands. Kusters Technische Handelsonderneming (Kusters THO) is happy to change this. "In 1993 we were the first importer of Gree products in Europe," says General Manager Xander Wiardi. "Our ambition is to make this A-brand as popular here as in the rest of the world."

Partner companies can benefit from fair prices, numerous warehousing options and extensive inventory.

With the A-brands Gree, ApenGroup, Templari, AAVI, GoGaS and Biemmedue, Kusters THO delivers sustainable climate solutions for residential and commercial buildings. The family business has been active in air heating since 1955 and in air conditioning since 1975. The latter product group in particular is undergoing a tremendous expansion, notes Wiardi. "Anno 2021, fixed air conditioning systems are no longer a luxury product, but a smart investment in a comfortable indoor climate. Our summers are getting longer and hotter, making air conditioning almost a necessity. Moreover, the heating option of the systems offers a solution in the early and late season, because switching on the central heating boiler is not (yet) necessary."

Solution for a comfortable indoor climate
Under the title Gree Home, Kusters THO offers a comprehensive range of home air conditioning solutions, distinguished by quiet, user-friendly, economical and powerful operation. "In addition to single split units with one indoor unit and one outdoor unit, we offer systems with multiple indoor units, so that in addition to the bedroom, the home office or living room can also be efficiently air-conditioned," Wiardi said. "Of Gree's 90,000 employees, 12,000 work in the R&D department, which shows that innovation is constant. This results not only in more efficient fans and more environmentally friendly refrigerants, but also in an extensive range of (designer) wall and console models, in appealing colors such as white, anthracite and champagne. Among others, our modern and energy-efficient Gree Fairy and U-Crown wall models and the flexible Gree console model blend stylishly into any interior."

"We position ourselves as an interested, loyal and reliable colleague, point of contact, knowledge base and supplier," said General Manager Xander Wiardi (l).

Is it Gree you're looking for?
In addition to models for the home, Kusters THO has for some time also been offering a complete range of solutions for utility projects. "With Gree Commercial, we offer a wide range of multisplit and monosplit air conditioning models and Versati heat pumps for stores, restaurants and offices," says Wiardi. "Among others, our Free Match multisplit system, in combination with our wall models (Fairy, G-Tech or U-Crown), console models, cassette models, floor/ceiling models and duct/satellite models, offers endless possibilities to increase the climate comfort in commercial spaces. For office buildings, hotels, practice rooms and care centers where larger systems are required, we have also set up the multisplit product group Gree Utility. The eye-catcher in this product group is the energy-efficient and quiet Gree Multi Variable (GMV) VRF systems with a capacity of up to 272 kW, to which a maximum of 100 indoor units can be connected. For example, in GGZ institution De Viersprong in Halsteren and the Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek (NOK) in Venlo, these systems come into their own optimally." At the moment, moreover, the finishing touches are being put on a
new plant with office for CHP in Nettetal (Germany), for which Kusters THO had the task of supplying two large GMV systems, two Templari heat pumps and several ApenGroup air heaters. This project is being carried out in collaboration with various installation partners from the region.

Gree Heat includes the latest heat pumps from Gree, such as the Gree Versati III. This heat pump, with a capacity ranging from 4 to 15.5 kW, is suitable for heating and cooling homes and offices and can prepare domestic hot water. The heat pump is available as a split or monoblock version. The unique patented Gree two-stage compressor and state-of-the-art inverter technology ensure a powerful energy performance. "Finally, with Gree Clean Air we offer powerful air cleaners and dehumidifiers, which in addition to comfort also increase the quality of the indoor climate," said Wiardi. "With that, we offer a suitable Gree solution for every question and every building. On our new website all products are clearly displayed."

Developing together, profiting together
'Joint success begins with effort'. According to that motto, Kusters THO makes every effort to establish stable and reliable relationships with large and small installation companies. "We position ourselves as an interested, loyal and reliable colleague, point of contact, knowledge base and supplier," said Wiardi. "Partner companies are warmly welcomed to our training center. In addition, they can benefit from fair prices, numerous warehousing possibilities and an extensive stock. Companies that want to join our family are welcome to contact us."