Heat pumps for larger residential buildings, commercial buildings and industry:
100% durable, reliable and energy efficient

Heat pumps are a sustainable, reliable and energy-efficient alternative to the time-honoured central heating boiler. Because no gas is used anymore, CO₂ emissions are reduced by up to 50 percent. Moreover, considerable savings can be made on the energy bill. It is no coincidence that the technology is rapidly gaining ground in serial housing construction. That the heat pump is also very suitable for larger houses, utilities and industry, however, is less well known. Kusters Technische Handelsonderneming (THO) is pleased to change this. Since the beginning of this year, the specialist in air and radiant heating, air conditioning and heat pumps has supplied an extensive range of Templari air-to-water and air-to-air heat pumps, which provide a suitable solution for every project.

"In addition to our Gree heat pumps for residential construction, we were looking for high-end models with larger capacities and an excellent price-quality level, with which large(r) projects can also be air-conditioned sustainably, reliably and energetically," says Xander Wiardi, Key Account Manager at Kusters THO. "In our search we ended up in Italy, where Templari has been developing and producing high-quality heat pumps for both the commercial and industrial markets since 2006. In late 2019, we visited Templari's factory in Rubano. In addition to the high quality and durability of the heat pumps, we were positively surprised by the passion with which the Templari team works to continuously improve and innovate the heat pump range."

100% durable
"The ambition of Templari is to develop and produce the most sustainable and ecologically sound heat pumps, at an excellent price-quality level," says Sjors Hendriks, Sales Service Support at Kusters THO. "But also to further reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the warming of our planet. This ambition fits in perfectly with the focus of Kusters THO, which aims to create a 100% sustainable product portfolio. Since the beginning of this year, our product range includes various Templari air-to-air heat pumps up to 39 kW and Templari air-to-water heat pumps up to 35 kW. The heat pumps are available in monoblock and split versions, which ensures a wide range of uses."

High performance and efficiency
The performance and efficiency of the Templari heat pumps is very high, Hendriks emphasises. Even at lower outside temperatures. "Thanks to a larger condenser and a larger distance between the condenser fins, the condenser freezes less quickly. This means that the heat pump will remain in heating mode for longer, leaving more capacity to heat the building. The defrost cycle via the condenser fan provides accurate defrost control." The heat pumps meet the most stringent requirements for energy efficiency, durability and noise, Wiardi said. "Because of the high energy class, the heat pumps fall under a high subsidy scheme. A touch screen control panel makes the status, energy consumption and Coefficient Of Performance (COP) clearly visible." Meanwhile, the first projects with the Templari heat pumps have been carried out.

For more information about our Templari product range, you are welcome to visit our Templari website.