"Ventilation is important for fresh air in schools and offices," begins Xander Wiardi, Key Account Manager at Kusters Technische Handelsonderneming. "But you don't render bacteria and viruses harmless with that. For that, we provide additional solutions with UV-C and ionization technology, for both a classroom with thirty students and a full auditorium."

Kusters Technische Handelsonderneming (THO) is a family business with a track record that goes back to 1911. Started as a forge and through
greenhouses, air heaters and waste reduction installations, it ended up in air treatment during the last century. From 1975 air conditioning entered the range and in the 1990s Kusters THO was one of the first suppliers of heat pumps.


Clean air with a cheerful design

Air Cleaners
Today, the company is a partner (distributor) of renowned manufacturers such as Gree, ApenGroup, Templari, GoGaS and Biemmedue. Wiardi: "Since last year we are also importer of AAVI® air purifiers with patented IonJet technology, a nice addition to the GoGaS UV-C air purifiers. The focus is always on ventilation, not on air cleaning, also in the Fresh Schools discussion. With the machines from AAVI® and GoGaS, you also tackle particulate matter, pollen, bacteria, polio, influenza viruses and COVID-19." Both systems have been extensively tested by leading institutes and the test reports show their operation and effectiveness.

The latest additions to the Kusters THO range are the INTERlit and INTERsens 250 air cleaners from GoGaS. Wiardi: "We have already provided many stadiums in the Netherlands with heaters from this German company. Now we have started marketing their UV-C air cleaners. These recirculate air past lamps with UV-C radiation. Because UV-C is blocked by the ozone layer, this dangerous solar radiation does not occur on earth. However, in these devices we use the radiation in a one hundred percent safe and environmentally friendly way to remove harmful particles in the air."

'The exterior canvas can be designed to your liking with advertising or cheerful representations'

Auditorium, daycare center or classroom
The INTERlit is an almost two-meter high movable column with a diameter of 70 centimeters that can handle up to 1,000 m³ per hour and draws the air itself at the bottom. Wiardi: "With up to 35 dB(A) of noise, this is a perfect addition to an existing ventilation system. The volume can easily clean an auditorium or a full daycare center. For classrooms, the INTERsens 250 is ideal. This device also works on the basis of UV-C but has a diameter of only 36.5 centimeters. The capacity can be set at 150, 250 or 340 m³ per hour. This is sufficient for a classroom, because cleaning capacity is not the same as ventilation capacity. The nice thing about both GoGaS machines is that the outer fabric can be designed as you see fit with advertising, cheerful images or a Christmas wrap, for example." For larger spaces such as auditoriums, hospital waiting rooms and daycare centers, AAVI®'s Tuuli 600 is a good alternative. Wiardi: "This air purifier works on a patented IonJet ionization technique that purifies 99% of all harmful elements from the air and can also really ventilate. The noise level is a maximum of 43 dB(A). The Tuuli 600 works without filters, is standalone and can also be integrated into an existing ventilation system. Pressure loss is virtually non-existent. We can even supply this machine on an industrial scale up to 50,000 m³/h. You see, we can get the air really clean and healthy on any scale."

GoGaS INTERsens 250R

The INTERsens 250R