Simone Tresoor wrote an interview for the Sustainable Heating 2021 exhibition catalogue.

Kusters THO: 'Gree will be just as popular in the Netherlands as abroad'.

One in three of the air conditioners in use worldwide have the same supplier: China's Gree. They have 300 million users worldwide. The Gree brand is not very well known in the Netherlands, but Kusters Technische Handelson Company (THO) is going to change that. Xander Wiardi, General Manager at Kusters: "We became the first importer of Gree products in Europe in 1993 and intend to make this A-brand as popular here as in the rest of the world."
Besides air conditioning, Gree also produces heat pumps and air cleaning systems. In fact everything for a high quality living environment. And they do that for residential and commercial use. Gree is the largest international manufacturer in this segment with a sales network in 200 countries and regions.

Stock in Holland and dealer program

Wiardi: "The name Gree is not very well known in the Netherlands, so it is up to us to put this A-brand on the map. Of the 90,000 people employed by the company, no less than 12,000 work in R&D, which shows that there is constant innovation. Outside of private systems, they are incredibly good at larger systems. We can truly say that they are quieter, more energy efficient and more cost effective than the other well-known brands. Even in extreme cold or heat, the system maintains its efficiency." He continues: "What is also convenient for the installer: we have the stock simply in the Netherlands. So if you call us today, you will have it tomorrow. In addition, we have a dealer program which we use to support large and small companies. We guarantee a good price and support before, during and after the installation."

Residential use

The range for residential use consists of air conditioning for applications in homes, carried out as a wall model or console model. For recreational users, a special air conditioning system has been developed for motor homes and caravans. Finally, dehumidifiers and mobile air conditioners are also included in this segment.

Commercial and non-residential use

Within the range for commercial use, they offer various types of air conditioning, heat pumps and sanitary water units. The multi- and mono-split and Gree Multi Variable (GMV) systems cool and heat rooms to create a pleasant working environment. If, for example, in a shopping centre, office complex or hotel several rooms must be cooled and/or heated simultaneously, the Gree GMV systems provide optimum performance for higher heating capacity. This system has one outdoor unit to which up to 100 indoor units can be connected, with a maximum pipe length of 1000 metres and a capacity of up to 272 kW cooling power.