GGZ Institution De Viersprong, Halsteren
VRF system
In 2019 Costa Installatie Techniek (C.I.T.) from Amsterdam installed at a GGZ institution in Halsteren, Brabant, a complete wing equipped with two silent and energy efficient Gree DC Inverter multi VRF GMV systems. The Gree Multi Variable system is a system where up to 144 internal parts can be connected for cooling or heating. Each inner part can be operated individually. The high efficiency and high performance that the GMV can deliver ensure a comfortable living environment and a reduction of your energy consumption.

Costa Installatie Techniek placed a system configuration consisting of 2 GMV exterior parts and 26 high wall interior parts. In 2020 the existing installation was further expanded with another 1 Gree GMV heat pump. Would you like to receive more information about the Gree GMV heat pump? Then please take contact on with our account manager.


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