Brasserie Lekker Gewoën, Grubbenvorst
Air conditioning

In the North Limburg town of Grubbenvorst you will find the cozy Brasserie Lekker Gewoën since 2014. Walkers and cyclists come here during their stop for a delicious and affordable lunch, drinks or a tasty dinner. Hospitality is a high priority and the team serves daily healthy, pure and traditional dishes with great use of local North Limburg products.

Our Gree dealer Coolberg Air Conditioning & Installation recently installed two compact and powerful Gree 10 kW cassette models at Lekker Gewoën. These cassette models are part of the Gree U-Match series. These cassettes are perfect for cooling and heating small and medium sized commercial spaces such as hotel rooms, practice rooms or catering establishments.

The Gree cassette model is mounted above the ceiling and blows the air almost silently into the desired room via the four outlet sides. This allows you to enjoy an optimal climate and corresponding comfort in Brasserie Lekker Gewoën during all seasons.


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