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AAVI® air purifiers reliably and efficiently remove and neutralize up to 99% of all fungi, pollen, viruses, bacteria and chemicals from your indoor climate. This makes AAVI® products particularly suitable for applications in (medical) practice rooms and public buildings and also a perfect choice for your home or apartment.

Finnish company AAVI® developed an internationally patented technology to purify the indoor climate and challenges traditional air cleaning equipment on efficiency, durability and flexibility. As an innovative organisation specialising in cleaning technology, AAVI® offers various air cleaning solutions without filters.

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AAVI® Technologies


To improve the air quality in your indoor climate we present our Gree air treatment systems with air cleaners and mobile dehumidifiers. 

The compact and stylish Gree air purifiers apply a unique filter method by using a fine pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter. In this way, the Gree air purifiers efficiently purify the indoor climate.

Gree mobile dehumidifiers offer the perfect solution for moisture problems in the home. A damp home creates moulds and bacteria. These pose a danger to your health.



The GoGaS INTERsens 250R and INTERlit are reliable, environmentally friendly and safe air cleaning solutions against infectious aerosols in the air through the use of UV-C light.

Used correctly, UV-C light destroys the DNA of viruses, bacteria and other germs in an environmentally friendly way. This prevents the growth of pathogens and thus renders them harmless. The effect has been clinically tested and proven, and the GoGaS INTERsens 250R and INTERlit are free of chemicals and ozone.

The INTERsens 250R and INTERlit are flexible and can be used in various environments such as practice rooms, schools, day-care centres, offices, shops, waiting rooms and lounges. The casing can optionally be personalised with, for example, a company logo, desired colours and photos so that it fits perfectly within an organisation.

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